Wanted to share with you how to get off their mailing list as it was difficult and time consuming, but simple once I learned how. 1.

There is an Authorization Number above your name on the Guaranteed Acceptance Form you get. 2. Call 800-205-8193 and give them that number and ask to be put on their "Do not contact" list. It takes up to 90 days because they are preprinted, but the deluge to your mailbox will end.

Hahaha - this "pissed customer" site wont allow me to post this unless it is at least 100 words, so I am adding words to use up space. Hope this helps someone...

Reason of review: Found out how to stop mailings.

I liked: Availability of a live operator.

I didn't like: Mass mailings.

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Just called. No need for number and of the 14 mailings there were different numbers.

Very nice and only possible harm would be someone taking life insurance on me, which is fraud, and they cannot steal identity. THANKS


Thank you so much!!!


Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you! Im getting mail from them for 3 different variations of my name.


Thanks! I just did it!!


Thank goodness I am finally off this list. It was very easy; no hassles; no hard sell to stay on this list!


Thank you for the information.


Or throw it away unopened when it arrives and enjoy their waste of another dollar. What could be easier ?

Pitch it. Why let junk mail bug you ? Discard it.

Bag it, tag it, and leave it for the trash men. Wish I had such small things to worry about instead of my truly unhappily complicated life ....


An emphatic THANK YOU !!!

to Deborah #1587567

After years of receiving these mailings I’m thrilled to know this.


Amazingly quick and easy! I don't like calling if I can mail or email because I don't care to listen to additional sales pitches.

But the CSR only asked me once "So you have ALL your insurance needs met?" And was satisfied with my answer. I still don't like that they don't have opt-out information on their mailings.


Very helpful -- thank you!


Thanks for this helpful info. I've been receiving their *** for 3 decades.

Nexr piece of mail I get I'll follow your advice. Have just saved their number to my phone so I won't forget.


I called & asked to be put on the do not contact list as well. Advised them I had my own insurance.They did not want the numbers above my name on the envelope and it has been 11 years since my last name was changed & it still had my old name on it.Hopefully this will stop the monthly delivery of the unopened advertising.


Thank you! So helpful! And you’re right - customer service answered immediately and were pleasant.


Thank you! I just called the number provided and spoke with a live person who took my name and address and assured me that my name would be off the list within 60 to 90 days.

My authorization number was not needed. Fingers crossed that this finally stops the nearly daily mail I get from this company.


Thank you for the information. I too am pissed mostly because the waste of paper


Thank you so much. I called the 800 number and gave them my authorization number.

They said my name will be removed within 90 days! Thank you, thank you!

to Bkerr1974 #1527929

I think you either need to learn how to dial a phone number, or get a new phone because the number is GOOD and so are the other numbers in the insurance letter!


Unfortunately this phone, and even the phone numbers given to me on the mailing and from their call center, are not good numbers.

Each gives an automated message that, "your call cannot be completed as dialed..."

Scan artists!

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