Wanted to share with you how to get off their mailing list as it was difficult and time consuming, but simple once I learned how.1.

There is an Authorization Number above your name on the Guaranteed Acceptance Form you get. 2. Call 800-205-8193 and give them that number and ask to be put on their "Do not contact" list. It takes up to 90 days because they are preprinted, but the deluge to your mailbox will end.

Hahaha - this "pissed customer" site wont allow me to post this unless it is at least 100 words, so I am adding words to use up space.Hope this helps someone...

Reason of review: Found out how to stop mailings.

I liked: Availability of a live operator.

I didn't like: Mass mailings.

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Thanks I hope they stop mailing to me and my entire family like I e-mailed and asked them to do. They contacted me that they can stop the mailings a few minutes before I typed this mes.


Thank you sosooo much. Finally, they say they will stop these mailings.


Thanks so much for this info!

I just called the number and gave the info. I am getting stuff from them to my maiden and married name so I'm double bombarded.

Thanks again!

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