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I am 50years old with 30 years experience as a licensed insurance agent. So I have some experience in claims, but this is a nightmare!

My mother purchased a Cancer Policy underwritten by Mutual of Omaha. The actual policy was called "John Wayne" Cancer policy. I called the claims dept and asked what claim forms were needed to process a claim. The rep informed me" Oh, we don't use claim forms, they are too confusing, just send us all your mothers medical records and we will pay the benefits' available" . NOT!

After faxing over 300 documents, pathology reports, HC1500, and every document associated with her cancer. They paid $ 65.00 on over $ 80,000 in bills.

Now I am told I need Diagnosis codes but no one there can explain exactly what the codes are or where to get them. They give John Wayne a bad name.

The only thing worse is their customer service. Avoid Mutual of Omaha.

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This policy is a joke!!After paying in for over 20 years, all they will pay is $40 per Chemo Treatment....but only 20 treatments.

A doctor's visit give you a total of $25. WOW...They give John Wayne a VERY bad name.

Please go with AFLAC!!They are so much better.

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My mother-in-law just passed away from lymphoma and we found her correspondence with these people--Mutual of Omaha John Wayne Cancer Plan--in her files.It was heartbreaking.

After paying her premium for years, they wouldn't help her at all. The same thing: we don't have forms; just send us every piece of information you have and we'll make it impossible for you to comply with our requirements.

I guess their business strategy is to expect that cancer patients will be too sick, tired, or confused to comply with their nonsense and finally give up like my mother-in-law did.Really quite a scam.

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The physicians office should be able to give you those codes.

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I know very little about Mutual of Omaha's Insurance, however, if there's so many people with the same complaint, wouldn't it be beneficial for all to get together and file a class action lawsuit. With so many people, all having the same complaint, how could you possibly loose.


Glad I read all these reviews.I just received an application in the mail today termed "supplemental cancer protection" which really sounded good for the low monthly cost.

I guess if it sounds to good to be true, it is....beware.Why can't anything be honest and simple anymore


I am sorry for all of your claim problems.Each customer should READ their policy and what the policy pays.

If it says, it will pay, it is a legal documentm the company must pay. READ YOUR POLICIES!!!

These are sold through the mail and people misunderstand what is to be paid.READ YOUR POLICIES!!!

to hmmm #735322

This is not just about what the insurance covers, it is about this company making it IMPOSSIBLE to file a claim.


:sigh I feel like a real sucker now.I have been paying them for both my husband and I for the past 10 years (since we both have a family history of cancer).

Looks like I have blown $1668.

Guess I will stop NOW.Thanks for all this info.


how about term life do they pay death claims without no problems and delays? just asking since I am planning to get one.


I am in the process of submitting paperwork for dear friend who recently had cancer surg.She has Mutual of Omaha and AFLAC policies.

I got no guidance from MofO, but AFLAC couldnt have been more helpful. In fact, AFLAC let me fax in paperwork as I got it and she has already received over $13,000 from them. I just submitted to Mutual of Omaha and after reading these posts am sure my instincts may have been correct to check on other people's experiences with them. For anyone who is interested, AFLAC has been wonderful.

They pay for one wellness check each year on the cancer policy. I also had a great experience with their short term disability when I was out of work for 6weeks.

I had the check within days of getting out of the hospital.If you are shopping policies, they have come through for me and coworkers.

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