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I have had a Mutual of Omaha Cancer Policy since 2005.In the past year and a half I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, first on one side and then 6 months later on the other side.

The cancer insurance I pay $200 for each year, only paid $800 total for the first side that included biopsies, lumpectomy, and radiation. Now I am onto my second round of radiation after having biopsies and a lumpectomy, mind you for the other breast, and they don't want to pay. As if having breast cancer is only supposed to happen to a person once. They have the worst customer service and won't explain anything.

I have had to submit all doctors statements and coded paperwork on 3 occasions.I would recommend that everyone steer clear of anything having to do with Mutual of Omaha insurance.


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Thank you everyone for all the responses.I am so glad I went on this website.

I have had this policy for several yrs. & was hesitant to continue it. Like you said the constumer service was bad on the phone & it was impossible to get info online. So I thought I would check into the policy.

Wow.I will never give them a penny of my money again.


I also received an offer in the mail. Thanks for your feedback. I will be ripping it up.


Thanks for the comments. We are trashing it also!!


Wow.We got the same offer.

Seemed very skimpy even for a $20 premium.

You get what you pay for I guess.Most cancer policies are hundreds per month usually.

This made up my mind.


Thanks for making up my mind not to send back the mail offer. This has been a tremendous help!


I received Mutual of Omaha's offer for cancer insurance in the mail just a couple of days ago.It was intriguing -- I had never considered cancer insurance before, but thought this was "probably a safe bet" because it was coming from (what I thought was) a well-known and reputable company -- and might offer me a little extra protection.

However, I wanted to do some checking first. I'm so glad I did -- and so glad I found all of your input.

I won't be returning this application.Thank you.



I got the same information packet in the mail too.After reading over it, I too decided it was something I was interested in so I called the company to ask more question about the Cancer policy.

The customer rep quoted me prices higher than was listed, she didn't know anything about the information that I was referring to that I was holding in my hand reading from. She then decides to take an application over the phone, first by asking me what state I lived in,when I told her Mississippi, she immediately said she couldn't take that app over the phone and started giving me multiple reasons why..... Then told me to just send in the first month's premium that SHE had quoted me and that after that was received by them, I would then receive a packet of information IF I was accepted. That's when I decided I would Google the company.

I'm so glad I did.

I don't believe I will be doing business with Mutual of Omaha !!:upset Seems a little too confusing for me


We recently sent in $16 for the family plan.They did cash my check, but sent me back the app saying it was incomplete (which it was not), and the had a small highlighted area in the corner to initial and re-date.

I never did send it back in, and now I won't.

Today I received another app in the mail saying it was my second chance.Hmmmmm...


I've been feeling very confident that I was amply insured with a reputable company in the event of cancer. After reading all this, I will be cancelling my policy. What's the point in having insurance that either doesn't pay what was promised or has such obscure phrasing that the buyer thinks (s)he is getting more than actually being offered.


Double WOW!I am presently sitting here on the phone waiting for Mutual of Omaha customer service (been on hold forever).

Just came upon this page and began reading. My husband and I just took out this cancer policy on Jan. 24 2012. I was wanting to talk to them about possible information to be sent to my daughter (age 31).

But, now we customer service decides to answer the phone I am CANCELLING. I can"t believe this. I thought this company was reputable. HA!!!

Well, it has now been 25 minutes and I am still on hold.

That is ok because I would rather wait now with accurate informatin than have a horrible experience and it be too late!Thanks t all.....Sara :eek

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