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I have had a Mutual of Omaha Cancer Policy since 2005.In the past year and a half I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, first on one side and then 6 months later on the other side.

The cancer insurance I pay $200 for each year, only paid $800 total for the first side that included biopsies, lumpectomy, and radiation. Now I am onto my second round of radiation after having biopsies and a lumpectomy, mind you for the other breast, and they don't want to pay. As if having breast cancer is only supposed to happen to a person once. They have the worst customer service and won't explain anything.

I have had to submit all doctors statements and coded paperwork on 3 occasions.I would recommend that everyone steer clear of anything having to do with Mutual of Omaha insurance.


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Kingsland, Georgia, United States #1350538

I received an application and decided to move forward with Mutual of Omaha's Cancer Insurance - - - - until I read these reviews!!!!I just shredded the check and application.

Shame on MOO for deadbeat cancer insurance!!!

This is highly reprehensible.I will never buy a product from them in the future.

to marc #1391154

I agree. I have prostate cancer and was denied. F Mutual of Omaha tony

Chickamauga, Georgia, United States #1239513

I keep reading these post about then not paying and asking myself whats the problem...Unless you were diagnosed with cancer within the time frame allotted or already had cancer and didnt out that on the application, there is no reason they shoudnt pay and pay within 30 days, I worked with insurance for over 15 years and never seen this.

Well I did but we always instructed the client to take their paperwork totheir states Insurance Commissioner, HE is the last person they want to talk to. He.SHE will bust their chops. Im taking out the insurance My answers were clear and I didnt make any false statements in the application either. so the way I see it they will pay unless its listed under the policy provisions, like pre-existing clause, or I dont keep my premiums up.

What people tend to forget is that if you ever allow the policy to lapse then the 30 days, 2 years, 12 months etc waiting period starts all over. You are diagnosed when the policy is OOF and suddenly remember to pay it, they will probably not pay. Most policys have a 2 year elimination where if the policy is in full force with no lapse in coverage iits incontestable, meaning they pretty much have to pay no matter what, I had one several years back that excluded certain types of cancers. basically you had to be on your death bed to collect.

I dropped that policy. If anyone is havng issues I would be more than glad to help out free of charge.

Just get a copy of your policy black out your name and emai it to me and we can talk, This was what I did for over 15 years and I really enjoyed it.Much rather people walk out of my office with a smile and a check than wanting to shoot me from the parking lot before they left,..


Thanks for the heads up, was just about to mail it. I thank you for sharing. To the shredder with this application.


You need to take all your paper work to a attorney and you will get paid


After reading this and all the other complaints about this company, I will not sign up for their cancer policy. I was just about to put it in the mail. Thanks for posting comments, I always check for them.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1237415

Thanks, ditto!!


Having read enough about the crummy way in which Omaha has treated claimants, I will not pursue the "cáncer insurance".

Thank all of you for sharing your experiences.


I just received their application and $9.97/month premium is stated. I had early stage breast cancer 6 months ago and thought this might be a good supplemental insurance to have. After reading these (which I'm thankful I did), I will choose not to take out this coverage!

Monroe, Georgia, United States #872448

I also decided to take the cancer policy.After they cashed my checks for the premiums for 4 months I developed urine cancer.

Was notified yesterday that they will not pay and are sending my premiums back.Will never recommend them to anyone.

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