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I was disabled last year and they did not pay me. They keep asking for documents frm my doctors just to postpone the payments.

My doctors are all upset claiming they have sent all necessary payments. They interviewed me on the phone several times. Beware-they will use your words against you. They are finding a way to deny your claim.

They are so full of promises when you sign up just to get your money. But when you need your money the most-YOU ARE LEFT IN LIMBO. This company SUCKS. Cancell your plans before you feel SORRY.

Mutual of Omaha is a RIP-OFF, a DECEIPT, a BIG LIE, a HORRIBLE company to trust your life onto. SCAMMERS!

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The same thing is happening to me! I signed up for a 30 day waiting period and it's almost here and they are saying they are waiting for doctors to get back to them that they NEVER contacted!!

When I got the records from the doctors they said they need it directly from the doctors but they never put a request in!! I'm wasting my money!!

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