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I was approached by a sales lady from TZ Insurance (a broker for MOO) who sold me on a Supplemental Plan G with $166 deductible. Sounded great over the phone. She gave me her direct number and email and said if I had any questions... emails, phone calls, etc. NEVER returned. Ignored me completely. MOO provided NO INSTRUCTIONS or guides about what to do (I transitioned off an Advantage Plan with... Read more

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My mom was manuevering to a bedside commode when she took a fall and broke her hip. She ended up passing away from injuries sustaining during the fall. My brother and I put in a claim to Mutual of Omaha, as she had an accidental insurance policy with them. They denied the claim. My mom had paid on accidental insurance for over 40 years. The death certificate shows it was an accidental... Read more

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Just got raised from 136.47 to 152.86 /month...12%...and this after only one year of coverage, no major surgeries or hospital stays. They say it's due to "rising healthcare costs and my age", went from 71 to 72. Granted, healthcare in this country is in a downward spiraling mess, but a new policy going up 12% after the first year is appalling . I'm cancelling my policy as soon as my new... Read more

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Thanks to John Wayne Cancer Insurance I received a check with all payments made. Thanks for the good coverage and check! I AM NOT PISSED, I AM HAPPY WITH JOHN WAYNE Cancer Insurance I AM NOT PISSED, I AM HAPPY WITH JOHN WAYNE Cancer Insurance I AM NOT PISSED, I AM HAPPY WITH JOHN WAYNE Cancer Insurance I AM NOT PISSED, I AM HAPPY WITH JOHN WAYNE Cancer Insurance I AM NOT PISSED I AM NOT PISSED,... Read more

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7 yrs ago myself, husband and son took out life insurance policies. 14 mos ago I had to close my checking acct. I called mutual of Omaha with the new routing number and acct number. They moved mine and my sons over but for some reason not my husbands, a yr later we get a letter stating that his life insurance is canceled. I called and was told that to reinstate it I need to pay close to 5k and... Read more

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Broken wrist, emergency room visit $3018.00 recieved check in mail from mutual for $3018.00. one month later. follow up visits at Sportsmed 905 dollars. They paid that, no issues. Premium was dirt cheap.I see all these complaints here. All 29 of them. Not bad for a Nationwide Company since 1909. That's less than one complaint every every 1000 days. I think having a good agent is helpful at claim... Read more

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I submitted a letter of cancellation to Mutual o Omaha life insurance company as I cannot afford the policy anymore due to hardship financially. They continue to take my auto withdraw premium of $69 every month. It will put me in overdraft. I sent them a certified letter requesting cancellation. I have not heard a word back from them. I have called them and wait 1/2 hour to an hour and no one... Read more

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7/11 I was in a car accident on my way home from work.Hit From the rear my car had about 6000 dollars worth of damage,the other car was totaled.I have seen 3 different doctor and still under doctors care and they denied my claim after sending 3 different set of reports to them.6 months later no work, no pay,no income,no short term dis ability.Just a lot of pain an a lot of pills. This company is... Read more

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Why can't I unsubscribe from United of Omaha Insurance mailings. I have emailed them several times using the 'unsubscribe' system provided by the company that handles that and nothing seems to work. I keep getting theses God awful mailings. I've had to shred hundreds of pages of unsolicited mail from this company that I do not need nor want. I would never ever contract for insurance using... Read more

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May 14, 2014 I talked with Careen Cashman about the possibility of changing my health insurance to Mutual of Omaha. I learned I could not stop the current insurance I have and telephone her to let her know. DO NOT send any payment due because I am under contract with Health Springs. I had an automatic withdrawal on September 15, 2014 from my checking account and I DID NOT authorize that... Read more

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